Cordoba famous for its gardens
Moorish arch at Madinat al Zahra
Roman arch on the Puente Romano
Street scene Cordoba

Museums and Galleries in Córdoba Province

Cordoba Province is a land of contrasts. Bisected east to west by the mighty Guadalqiver River and its tributaries the central portion is very fertile and has been extensively cultivated since Neolithic times. Both Romans and Moors appreciated this ‘bread basket’ of Spain. The former dotted numerous villas about the landscape whilst the latter built Cordoba with its famous Mosque-cathedral, the Mezquita, the capital of Muslim Spain,

To the south the high craggy limestone ridges and peaks of the Subbetica range support olive groves, white villages and small towns with Baroque architecture. In the north are the slightly lower but equally rugged regions of the Sierra Morena range, land fought over by Tartessians and Oretani people for the ores of copper, iron and lead found there.

With a population just over 800,000 and an area of 14,000 square kilometres with 40% living in the capital, Cordoba province is not overcrowded, it is a land of  quiet roads and wild countryside with watchfully spiraling raptors interspersed with villages, all with a square and a bar where watchful locals notice every stranger. Apart from the capital the province is off the normal tourist routes, it is a place to sample the real Spain and real Spanish cooking.


Museums and Galleries
Cabra Archaeological Museum
Cabra Municipality
Statue of Mitra
Museums and Galleries
Cabra Jurassic exhibition
Cabra Municipality
Museums and Galleries
Museo Vivo de Al-Andaluz
Córdoba Municipality
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