The Road To Manilva by Nick Nutter

The Road To Manilva

The Road To Manilva

Visit Andalucia travelogues are much more than just guide books. They explore and illustrate in graphic colour the subject and the place. They are for people who are not satisfied with what they are told from the top deck of a tour bus or from the guides supplied by the tourist office. 'The Road to Manilva' looks at the Municipality of Manilva from prehistoric times to the modern day. It takes you to places within the municipality not normally visited by the visitor from Tartessian - Phoenician settlements to the Roman Baths, still used today. The book covers diverse subjects that influenced the growth of Manilva and its towns such as the Barbary Pirates and the history of amphorae. It does much more than just scratch the surface.

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Nick Nutter

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