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Acanthum Restaurante in Huelva

1 Michelin Star

Acanthum Restaurante in Huelva
Acanthum Restaurante in Huelva
Acanthum Restaurante in Huelva
Acanthum Restaurante in Huelva

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Find us at:

Calle San Salvador 17,

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Contact Us:

tel: ++34 959 24 51 35

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday

Lunch 13.30hrs to 15.30hrs

Thursday to Saturday

Dinner 21.00hrs to 23.30hrs


Michelin Starred
Gastronomic Experience

Creative cuisine that relies on the excellence of the products from the Huelva area and that, through passion and dedication, seeks to offer a gastronomic experience in every mouthful. It is a cuisine 100% Huelva with multiple influences that unfold in a wide range of flavours and textures. The chefs of Acanthum express their feelings through food, making each dish, each bite, an expression of Acanthum, its environment and its history. And all this in Huelva, the great pantry in Europe ...

In February 2011, Acanthum was inaugurated, the first gastronomic restaurant to open its doors in the province of Huelva, becoming a reference of Huelva gastronomy and a great promoter of it, obtaining in 2016 the Gold Medal of the Province of Huelva.

Acanthum has obtained the first Michelin Star in the history of Huelva and categories in the Repsol guide among many other individual and collective recognitions.

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