Where to stay in Andalucia

As with many things, Andalucia is a region of extremes. You will find plenty of self catering accommodation from villas to fincas and this is probably the best option in the more remote areas of Andalucia. Look out for the words Casa Rural. These are typically renovated village cottages or even isolated houses run from an "office" in the local village, the office may be the local restaurant or bar

Perhaps you fancy living in a cave? There are troglodyte dwellings in the Guadix, Baza and Gorafe municipalities in Granada province, even a few cave hotels. Its not as daft as it sounds, in summer with the temperature rocketing outside, the cave remains cool, whilst in winter the cave is somewhat warmer than outside particularly when insulated by a thick layer of snow.

If the idea of sleeping in a cave sends shivers down your back or you simply want a luxurious base from which to explore the area there are hotels from 5 star down in the cities and coastal resorts and hostels in most towns and villages.