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Guide to the capital city of Seville in Andalucia

Each of the provinces has a capital city from which the province takes its name. Andalucia is justly proud of the cultural heritage, architecture and history displayed in these cities that is reflected in the numerous parks, museums and galleries. Any of the eight capital cities, Huelva, Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen, Malaga, Granada or Almeria offers unique experiences for the discerning traveller. It is easy to spend at least a few days in each one and many are worth repeat visits to really get to know the city. We should mention the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Some will say that Gibraltar is not part of Andalucia. Politically it is not, geographically it is and since Gibraltar is firmly attached to Andalucia and has so much to offer visitors to southern Spain, we are taking the geographical and geological view.