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        Hikers Step Out for Stray Cats

        On Sunday 3rd March 2019, 16 hikers and their dogs walked
        to raise funds for Manilva’s registered street cat charity,
        Asociacion Gatos de Manilva. The walk was organised by
        Michele Yanez Bowker, a former president of Adana, via her
        new platform “Fun & Fund” who undertake a walk once a
        month to raise funds to benefit local charitable causes.
        The hikers did a circular walk of 11km beginning just south of
        Casares, walking through the valley, down into the town,
        then continuing through the new cemetery area and across
        a river, before completing the challenging, but picturesque,
        course. Attendees enjoyed stunning scenery on the way,
        taking in local flora and fauna as well as well as spotting a
        bird of prey soar overhead carrying a writhing serpent in its
        beak! An equivalent of 60 floors was climbed by the walkers
        as they completed the hilly route over a 3 hour period.
        Thanks to the hike AGDM benefitted to the tune of 256.20€
        and this sum will go directly to purchasing new humane
        traps to be used in the municipality of Manilva which will
        assist the charity in stabilising street cat colonies with their
        TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) protocol. Already close to one
        hundred feral cats in the Manilva area have been spayed by
        AGDM, since last Autumn when the charity was officially
        Amongst the walkers was Dean Tyler Shelton, a Councillor
        in the Environmental Department of the Ayuntamiento of
        Manilva. President of AGDM, Amanda Kiff said: “Michele’s
        platform of “Fun & Fund” has been instrumental in
        equipping AGDM today with the money we need to buy
        much-needed equipment. The whole AGDM team is very
        appreciative of her kind and generous donation and we
        extend a big thanks to the hard working hikers who took
        part today. We look forward to more opportunities in the
        future to collaborate with such a wonderful group of
        Melissa White, Fundraising Manager for the charity said:
        “Today was a great success. The weather was beautiful,
        the hikers did brilliantly and Michele’s promotion of the
        event helped to raise the local profile of AGDM. Anyone
        who is interested in attending our next fund-raising event
        will be welcome.

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