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A Family Orthopaedic & ParaPharmacy

        María del Carmen Ortega Urbano   “We have built the business around           Over the years the business
        is from a family that has been                                                has expanded to include the
        involved with the health sector in    a confidential, honest and              rental and sale of high
        Spain for generations. Her father                                             quality, leading brand-name,
        was an ATS, a Spanish registered   personalised service to clients”           mobility aids, such as
        nurse, who set up a private clinic in                                         wheelchairs, scooters,
        Baena in the province of Córdoba                                              walking frames and special
        in the 1960s. Three other family members still work in the   beds. For the higher value items, financing is available.
        health sector in Córdoba and her daughter is at Murcia   Of particular interest is the foot clinic, especially for those
        University studying to be a pharmacist and nutritionist.   suffering from diabetes. Footwear insoles are made to
        Mari-Carmen herself is a highly-qualified orthopaedic   measure on the premises. They have made a huge
        technician, pharmacist and clinical analysis technician.  difference to the mobility of hundreds of people afflicted
        Together with her late husband Estaban, also an      with foot disorders.
        orthopaedic technician and pharmacist, Mari-Carmen   Appointments can be made at the orthopaedic pharmacy
        established the first Orthopaedic Pharmacy in Estepona   for any kind of consultancy and, for those unable to visit
        in the year 2000. Her reputation is such that she is on   the central medical clinic, home visits can be arranged.
        call at all public and private hospitals in the province of   In recent years there has been an increasing interest in
        Málaga.                                                                      homoeopathy. The central
        Since those early days the business   “We only supply high quality,          medical clinic carries a range
        has grown and now offers a huge                                              of homoeopathic products
        range of products and services.         brand name products”                 which are now available on
        The core of the central medical                                              prescription.
        clinic is the supply of prosthetic,                                          When asked the keys to her
        orthotic and technical aids. A technical consultant is   success, Mari-Carmen replied, “We have built the
        always available to advise, and the premises have their   business around a confidential, honest and personalised
        own workshops on the lower floor for manufacturing and   service to clients. We only supply high quality, brand
        modifying personalised items.                        name products”.

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