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A BIG thank you

                                                     hen we first suggested to people that we intended to publish a
                                                     new magazine in a similar style to our previous one, Andalucia                                                                 Don’t get caught out this winter.
                                            WLife, we were astounded by the positive response. Neither Julie
                                            nor I realised how much we had been appreciated. Previous readers told                                                                  BEAT THE CHILL!
                                            us how they had saved all previous copies and still re-read articles. We                                                                CONTACT US for a FREE site survey
                                            were even more astonished with the response from businesses that had
                                            previously advertised with us. Most are genuinely pleased to see the                                                                    tel: 951 276 770
                                            magazine again and want to appear in it.
                                            During this, admittedly primitive, market research, we found a good                                                                     mob: 663 402 836
                                            proportion of those previous clients not only still in existence but thriving.
                                            We also saw several new businesses, just or recently started, and obviously                                                                 CoolWaves Air Conditioning
                                            optimistic about the future, despite Brexit.
                                            Space prevents us mentioning more than a few of the most recent arrivals.
                                            There is the Flying Squirrel in Monte Duquesa, CA SHOTT female fashions
                                            in Duquesa, Arcos 38 in Sabinillas and Buddha Bowl in Estepona Port.
                                            Some businesses have changed hands, the Cork Tree Bar in Duquesa and
                                            Ringo’s in Pueblo Mexicana. There are entirely new types of businesses
                                            being established, like Isagenix. It is all very positive and exciting.

                                            So, a great big thank you to all for your support.                                                                            

          Alia and Lee at the Buddha Bowl Opening  Estelle & Family at the Buddha Bowl Opening  Chirine at the Buddha Bowl Opening

          Kat at the Buddha Bowl Opening    Visit The Flying Squirrel in Monte Duquesa  Warm & Cosy at Ringo’s, Duquesa landside

          Lisa & Wally new owners of Arcos 38 Fathoms  Fashion at CA Shott in Puerto de la Duquesa  The Cork Tree, Duquesa opening in December

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