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THE SECRET                                                                                                                  Excellent Value for Money

          OF SUCCESS                                                                                                                         Available for Immediate Viewing

          At the age of just 24 years, in 2014, Lynn Van Wilderode
          established Primrose Real Estate SL. In just four years she

          has built a successful and respected business based in
          Sabinillas. What is the secret of her success?

                                            Lynn, how did you become an        Have you made mistakes?
                                            estate agent?                      Of course I have. In the early days I
                                            After leaving school in Manilva I   was not good at delegation, I was
                                            worked at a lawyers office and then   very protective. I have had to learn
                                            for three established estate       that skill. I am still learning it. When    STUNNING FRONTLINE BEACH APARTMENT - Ref 520             2 BED NEW BEACH FRONT APARTMENT - Ref 560
                                                                                                                                                                                             149,000€ (was 159,000€)
                                            agencies. That work experience     you work for other people, you tend
                                            taught me the legal side of the    to be the one being delegated too,
                                            business and the technical and     not the delegator.
                                            administrative skills required. One   People management skills are also
                                            day I decided ‘I can do this myself’   essential. I find it very difficult to
                                            and did.                           chastise or dismiss staff. I am not
                                            There are lots of estate agents,   yet sure whether that is a good
                                            why are you different?             thing or a bad thing.
                                            I was born in Belgium, only moving   Have you any advice for people
                                            to Spain when I was 13 years of age.   planning to start a real estate
                                            By that time I could speak Flemish   business, or any other business for
                                            and French. I finished my education   that matter?
                                            in Spain so learnt fluent Spanish   Yes. Look at the competition in the
                                            and, at the same time, English. I   area and do your market research.             QUIET DETACHED 3 BEDROOM VILLA - Ref 466           2 BED PENTHOUSE WITH PRIVATE SOLARIUM - Ref 589
                                            realised early on that to make an   Find a product or service that is not                 360,000€ (was 385,000€)                                        129,000€
                                            impact on the real estate market   being offered and then find out
                                            you should be able to communicate   whether there is a reason for that, it
                                            with a spread of nationalities, not   may be nobody actually wants it.
                                            just in the office or at viewings, but   Plan to take two years to become
                                            through the website and social     established. That means long hours,
                                            media as well. Flemish is not a    lots of stress and not much return.
                                            mainstream language so I have      And finally plan any business
                                            established a small niche in that   expansion just as carefully as you
                                            market.                            prepared the foundation and make
                                            So, you are saying find a niche?   sure that foundation is solid before
                                            Yes, exactly, but you also need    you build on it.
                                            commitment and determination,      Is there any one asset that you
                                            especially in the early years when   would recommend?
                                            things might not always go as      The first couple of years are tough.          SPACIOUS 3 BED WITH HUGE TERRACE - Ref 606          HUGE 3 BED OVERLOOKING A GOLF COURSE - Ref 599
                                            planned. Even in the last four years,   During that time your main asset                          229,000€                                        219,000€ (was 235,000€)
                                            I have seen estate agencies        has to be a supportive family and
                                            established and then gone. Some    friends. I could not have gone as far
                                            people seem to think it is an easy   as I have today without them.           Call into our Office
                                            market to get into when property   What is your favourite quote?
                                            prices are rising, that they can make   “It doesn’t matter how great your    Next to Mercadona, Sabinillas
                                            a lot of money very quickly with little  shoes are if you don’t accomplish   T:  +34 952 893 289
                                            work. Life is not like that, especially   anything in them.” (Martina Boone)  M: +34 661 193 789
                                            in the real estate market.
                                              VISIT ANDALUCIA December 2018
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