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The walk leads south initially through dense maquis but   metres above sea level were once on the shoreline.
           soon opens up into less dense garrigue. As the     At the top of this first flight, there are some buildings                                              MAKE a
           vegetation thins a spectacular view to North Africa 12   built by the military during World War II and a short
           miles away across the Strait emerges. In season you will  tunnel. Emerging from the tunnel, you are treated to a
           see clumps of paperwhite narcissi, asphodels,      unique view north along the east face of the Rock to
           Dutchman’s pipe and Gibraltar saxifrage amongst the   Spain and the coast of the Costa del Sol. Between 1903
           Esparto grass, dwarf fan palms and wild olive trees.  and 1961 the east face was covered in concrete and                                                                 SPLASH
           The path narrows and curves to the north as it takes   corrugated steel sheets. This 34 acre covering drained
           you to the edge of the cliffs. Yellow -legged gulls launch   rainwater into channels that then took the water to
           themselves off the cliff to soar over the sea. Their cries   underground reservoirs. In 2001 the Gibraltar
           are piercing in the otherwise silent world you inhabit   Ornithological and Natural History Society started to
           here. When nesting these gulls mob the unwary walker,   supervise the removal of the water catchment area and                                                                             in the
           swooping at your head and swerving at the last split   by 2006 it was returned to its natural state, a fossilised
           second with cries of outrage that you have trespassed   dune that had built up over hundreds of thousands of
           in their area. Do not fear; they are harmless.     years.                                                                                                                      New Year
           The Steps                                          The path winds its way upwards getting ever steeper.
           You will arrive at the bottom of the first flight of stairs.   Keep your eyes open for the Gibraltar Candytuft that
           These take you to a cave, Martin’s Cave, where the rare   nestles in crannies in the rock face. The posts and
           Schreiber’s bat roost and breed. On this day the bats   ropes alongside the steps have been refurbished, but
                                 are very sensibly still deep in   care is still needed. This steep section takes you to the
                                  the recesses of the cave. It is   base of the final cliff. From here the path ascends in a
                                  an excellent spot to sit, have   zigzag up the vertical face. This last section before the
                                   a coffee and admire the    top is home to no less than five species  of plant
                                    view. For an oldie like me,   endemic to Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Candytuft, Gibraltar
                                    it is also the last chance to   Thyme, Gibraltar Campion, Gibraltar Chickweed and
                                     regain breath before the   Gibraltar Saxifrage.
                                      more strenuous part of   The Top                                                                                      visit Andalucia
                                       the walk. The steps    Finally, at the top you will be rewarded by views both
                                       continue and lead to   east and west. Just to the south, on the summit ridge,
                                        the Goat’s Hair Twin   are two 9.2 inch gun batteries. These are Lord Airey’s                                 More than just a Magazine
                                         Caves, home to       and O’Hara’s batteries. Last fired in 1972 by the Royal
                                          humans in the dim   Gibraltar Regiment, the batteries were installed during
                                           and distant past.   World War II. O’Hara’s has been restored and is now           Visit Andalucia is a community resource, it lets you promote   ON THE WEB
                                            These caves now   open to the public.                                              your forthcoming events, your business news and your     In addition to your advertisement you also
                                             hundreds of      Follow the road as it zigs and zags down the rock to            business promotions in the magazine and on our website    automatically get an entry in our Business
                                                               emerge back at Jew’s Gate or at the north end of the        Visit Andalucia is a new                                     Directory online and will receive regular
                                                                    Rock on Willis’s Road that takes you past the          editorially based, glossy                                    updates of the number of visitors to your
                                                                          Homage Tower. From there you can twist           publication. 5000 copies are                                 page.
                                                                               and turn through the old town to            distributed in Marbella, Puerto                              Included in your listing is a full web page
                                                                                    reach Casemate’s Square.               Banus along the coast to all the                             showing your logo, up to 4 images, a Google

                                                                                                                           tourist and ex-pat hotspots down                             map and a complete description of your
                                                                                                                           the coast into Gibraltar and then                            business
                                                                                                                           inland to Gaucin, Casares,                                   You will be able to log on and edit your page
                                                                                                                           Manilva and Jimena de la                                     and indeed monitor traffic yourself.
                                                                                                                           Frontera. We distribute on the                               Now in 20 Major European Languages
                                                                                                                           first two working days of every                              IN THE COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                           month.                                                       Tell us about your forthcoming events
                                                                                                                          IN THE  MAGAZINE                                              and we will share them with our groups
                                                                                                                          Every edition has lots of lovely editorial about Andalucia. Places   and friends and print them
                                                                                                                          of interest, fashion, health and beauty, food and drink, homes,   in the magazine.
                                                                                                                          gardening, history, plus what to do and where to go.          Charities benefit from free
                                                                                                                          Visit Andalucia is an interesting read and as a magazine, it will   promotion of their events
                                                                                                                          be in circulation for a lot longer than a newspaper. It is a coffee    in the magazine and
                                                                                                                          table type of publication.                                    on the web.

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