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Mojito                                              Virgin Mojito

        40ml white rum                                      Full glass of crushed ice
        30 ml fresh lime juice                              half a glass of Lemonade or Ginger Ale
        6 sprigs of mint (Hierba Buena)                     quarter of a glass of apple juice
        2 teaspoons sugar (or 20ml of sugar syrup)          1 teaspoon brown sugar
        soda water                                          8 springs of mint
        slice of lime or lemon                              one lime, half for the juice and half in slices

        Preparation:                                        Preparation:
        Muddle mint leaves with sugar and lime juice.       Mash the brown sugar with 4 sprigs of mint adding a
        Add a splash of soda water and fill the glass with   little apple juice as you mash
        cracked ice.                                        Add the remainder of the apple juice, the lemonade,
        Pour the rum and top with soda water.               the remaining 4 spring of mint and the lime juice
        Garnish with sprig of mint leaves and lemon or lime    Pour over the ice and stir
        slice. Serve in a high ball glass with a straw.     Garnish with the lime slices

        Served: On the rocks
        Standard garnish: Sprig of mint (Hierba buena in Spanish) lemon or lime slice

        Mojito Cocktails

        Havana, Cuba, is the birthplace of the Mojito, although   Some historians contend that African slaves who
        the exact origin of this classic cocktail is the subject of   worked in the Cuban sugar cane fields during the 19th
        debate. One story traces the Mojito to a similar 16th   century were instrumental in the cocktail's origin
        century drink known as "El Draque", after Sir Francis   Guarapo, the sugar cane juice often used in Mojitos,
        Drake. In 1586, after his successful raid at Cartagena   was a popular drink among the slaves who named it. It
        de Indias Drake's ships sailed towards Havana but     never originally contained lime juice.
        there was an epidemic of dysentery and scurvy on      There are several theories behind the origin of the
        board. It was known that the local South American     name Mojito: one such theory holds that name relates
        Indians had remedies for various tropical illnesses, so   to mojo, a Cuban seasoning made from lime and used
        a small boarding party went ashore on Cuba and came   to flavour dishes. Another theory is that the name
        back with ingredients for an effective medicine. The   Mojito is simply a derivative of mojadito (Spanish for "a
        ingredients were aguardiente de caña (translated as   little wet"), the diminutive of mojado ("wet").
        burning water, a crude form of rum made from sugar    The Mojito has routinely been presented as a favourite
        cane) mixed with local tropical ingredients: lime,    drink of author Ernest Hemingway. It has also often
        sugarcane juice, and mint. Lime juice on its own would   been said that Ernest Hemingway made the bar called
        have significantly prevented scurvy and dysentery, and   La Bodeguita del Medio famous when he became one
        tafia/rum was soon added as it became widely          of its regulars and wrote "My mojito in La Bodeguita,
        available to the British around 1650. Mint, lime and   My daiquiri in El Floridita" on a wall of the bar. This
        sugar were also helpful in hiding the harsh taste of this   epigraph, handwritten and signed in his name, persists
        spirit. While this drink was not called a Mojito at this   despite doubts expressed by Hemingway biographers
        time, it was the original combination of these        about such patronage and the author's taste for
        ingredients.                                          mojitos. La Bodeguita del Medio is better known for its
                                                              food than its drink
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