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vastly improved more recently, in part due to the
         inspiration of some of the best graphic artists who
         have focussed on the area with a stunning display
         of over one hundred wall paintings.
         Many of the murals have ‘social content’ and are
         intended to convey the realities that the residents
         of Lagunillas face on a day-to-day basis, while
         others depict people who have lived or were born
         there. Aside from the crumbling buildings and
         walls, many of which used to be covered in ‘tags’
         before they were over-painted, the residents in
         Lagunillas are still faced with high unemployment
         and few opportunities to improve their lives.
         Unlike the commissioned street art and murals of
         the Soho district of Málaga, the Lagunillas artists
         have painted voluntarily and paid for their own
         materials. Lagunillas has now become a magnet
         for street art, but before it becomes fashionable or
         gentrified or demolished by the regeneration work
         being progressed in the area, it is worthwhile
         enjoying these uncensored canvases just a
         stone’s throw from the birthplace of Picasso.
         text©philip crawford 2017

         Top left: Golden Skull with Roses © Jonathan Morillas
         Top right: Jungle Scene © Jose Luis Borgerding Garcia
         Bottom right: Portrait of a Woman © Andrea Michaelsson
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