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Fascinating History

        Seville Archaeological Museum & Tartessos

         and ostrich eggs. The Tartessians
         proved fortunate again by being in
         the right place at the right time.
         In the eastern Mediterranean and
         around the Aegean Sea, some
         civilisations had evolved, some
         mightier than others; the Egyptians,
         Hittites, Minoans, Mycenaeans,
         Assyrians, Babylonians, Mitannians,
         Canaanites and Cypriots.
         Throughout millennia, they had
         developed networks including
         diplomatic, commercial,
         transportation and communications
         that together made up a
         sophisticated socio-economic
         structure. Precious goods including
         copper, gold and tin, from all over
         their known world were traded
         alongside more mundane
         commodities such as grain and
         cloth. Sculptors, artists and other
         experts in their fields travelled
         between territories often sponsored                                                   continued >>
         and licenced by their ruling elite.

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