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         Estepona Art Exhibition                                            Three Kings Parade
         Two British music legends, Brian Travers from UB40 and John Illsley   On January 5th
         from Dire Straits show their talent for art as well as music.
         Twenty-one pieces will be on display until the 10th January at the
         Kempinski Hotel, Estepona. They include the artwork for UB40’s first   Estepona
         studio album in six years, ‘For the Many’ – a tribute to the survivors of   The day will be packed with
         the Grenfell Tower disaster.                                       activities for children.
                                                                            At 11 am, a children’s party with the
                                                                            Three Kings will be held at the
                                                                            leisure complex alongside the
                                                                            fairground. In the afternoon from
                                                                            5pm onwards the Cavalcade of the
                                                                            Three Wise men passes through the
                                                                            centre of Estepona, handing out
                                                                            tons of candy in a festive and
                                                                            colourful atmosphere, accompanied
                                                                            by bands.
                                                                            At 8pm there is a short ceremony
                                                                            outside the Orchid House.


                                                                            Starts at 5 pm and wends its way
                                                                            through the streets of Castillo,
                                                                            Sabinillas and Manilva.

          Rotonda - an Urban Myth                                          Pigeons to be evicted

          It is a myth that the Spanish highway code insists on drivers using the   from Cádiz
          right-hand lane on roundabouts in order to turn left. A Guardia Civil   An estimated 8,000 pigeons live in the
          report (compiled in 2016 believe it or not), revealed the true reason   city of Cádiz. The city’s town hall has
          many drivers regularly have the frightening experience of a vehicle   decided there are too many pigeons
          shooting across their bonnet whilst trying to move from the inside   and they now constitute a nuisance.
          lane to the outside lane in order to leave the roundabout.       Rather than initiate a cull, bird-loving
          The report found that more than half of all drivers are unaware of the   councillors have come up with another
          correct lane to choose. Others know the rules but ignore them and   plan. 5,500 pigeons will be netted,
          the vast majority view the use of indicators as unnecessary.     cleansed of fleas and other parasites,
          The Guardia report is quite clear. Approach a roundabout in the   issued with certificates of good health
          left-hand lane if you are intending to turn left or turn through 180   and then transported 760 kilometres to
          degrees. Indicate and put yourself in the right-hand lane on the   Ribarroja del Turia in Valencia province.
          roundabout between the exit prior to the one you want and your exit.  There they will be relocated in a
          The problem is that many Spanish drivers think the left-hand lane on   non-urban environment. Mayor Jose
          a roundabout is reserved for overtaking and therefore stick to the   Maria Gonzalez Kichi does not seem to
          right-hand lane even when turning left.                          realise that pigeons are renowned for
                                                                           their homing instincts. In competitive
          The advice given, even for those who are aware of how to proceed   racing, a pigeon can fly 1,800
          at roundabouts, is to be aware that many other drivers are not. In   kilometres at speeds averaging 80
          other words, never trust other cars on the roundabout as to their   kilometres per hour. They will be back
          choice of lane and recognise that their use or otherwise of indicators   home before the driver of the lorry that
          may have little or nothing to do with their intentions.          took them to Valencia in the first place.

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