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Reaching that skyline became a bit   Reales and south down the low      vultures descending for a closer
       of a hands and knees challenge. First   plains too, on a clear day, Gibraltar   look, barely able to acknowledge
       on loose scree and then almost      with Africa behind. Adjective –     that their next meal was escaping.
       vertically inclined rock but as I poked   phenomenal.                   They were little higher than the
       my head over the last outcrop, I    The descent was at first inglorious,   telegraph poles that line the track.
       experienced something I had never   well-padded bums taking the brunt   Then we saw, across the valley, a
       before experienced. No, I had not   of it but then became easier as we   bow winged raptor making a high
       found God. I had, for the first time in   reached the less precipitous parts. A   aspect ratio turn towards a buttress
       my life, got to the top of a mountain   group of black wheatears chuckled   of rock. He gracefully alighted on the
       without there being ‘just one more   away at us, scuttering up and down   top closely followed by a second to
       bit to go’. What you see on         the rock faces that we old codgers   join two more already there. Those
       Crestellina is what you get. I would   had to circumnavigate.           two took off and flew down the valley
       have mentioned this to Richard a few                                    out of sight. It was a group of four
       metres behind me, but he would not   Once back at the main track turn left   booted eagles. The parents will soon
       have believed me, so I kept quiet   and continue for about 3 kilometres.   be encouraging their young to leave.
       and let him have his epiphany.      The way very gently descends,       The cheeps of the two youngsters
                                           giving the strained calf and
       The views are 360 degrees. To the   quadriceps muscles the opportunity   left on the nest could just be heard
       west Jimena de la Frontera and the   to recover somewhat.               on our side of the valley.
       Alcornacales mountains, to the north                                    We managed to pick up our pace as
       the limestone ridges behind Gaucin   Even on this last stretch, we were to   we entered Casares, a tubo of ice
       and Cortes de la Frontera. The east   be amazed. Every so often a large   cold beer beckoned.
       is dominated by the bulk of Los     shadow would pass over us — the
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