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Imagine a Victorian cul de sac somewhere in a
                                                                  home counties village, temperatures well into the
                                                                  90s, palm trees in the front gardens and roses
                                                                  around the doors. Impossible? No, not in
                                                                  Andalucia. The cul de sac is called Bella Vista, and
                                                                  it is in a town called Rio Tinto. Nearby is a
                                                                  Presbyterian church, a social club and a cemetery,
                                                                  the tombstones of which have English inscriptions.

                                                                  Rio Tinto is a mining town at the foot of the Sierra
                                                                  Morena in Huelva Province. Copper, gold and
                                                                  silver have been mined in this region for over
                                                                  5,000 years, but until the 19th Century, mining
                                                                  made little impact on the landscape. Now whole
                                                                  mountains have disappeared to be replaced with
                                                                  open cast pits hundreds of metres deep and
                                                                  kilometres wide. It was the Rio Tinto Company
                                                                  Ltd., an English company, who bought the mining
                                                                  rights and introduced modern mining methods
                                                                  into the region in the late 19th Century. They also
                                                                  constructed a railway between the mines and
                                                                  Huelva port, a modern hospital and of course
                                                                  Bella Vista, the church, club and cemetery. The
                                                                  Rio Tinto Company is just a memory, but its legacy
                                                                  remains, not least in many sepia photographs on
                                                                  the walls of the cottages and within the museum,
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