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To give an idea of the scale of the mine, take note of the digger
                                                                                            and trucks in the picture
                                                                To the left is a piece of Goethite that was found in the Colorado
                                                                                 mine, now on display in Huelva Museum

        The blood red water emerges from   area has significant numbers of   was there that was as high as the
        springs, that combine to form a    megalithic monuments, erected to   hills at either end of the pit.
        noxious stream that leaves bright   lay claim to the riches beneath the   The largest open cast mine, Corta
        yellow deposits on its banks. No   ground.                           Atalaya, is closed to visitors. It is an
        vegetation dips its roots into this   The barren land within the mining   ellipse, 1,200 metres long and 900
        water. It is easy to imagine how   area was used by NASA when        metres wide. It is now flooded but
        prehistoric man, in his animistic   they tested the MARTE Mars       has a depth of 350 metres. Work at
        world, could believe that the      Rover.                            Corta Atalaya mine ceased in 1992.
        mountain was bleeding and endow    As you drive back to the museum,
        the whole landscape with spiritual   you will pass Cerro Colorada. This   Finally, leaving the horrors of the
        significance. It soon became known   monumental hole in the ground is   mine and its noxious waters behind,
        that the colour of the water       only the second largest open cast   you can stroll around Bella Vista and
        indicated the presence of rocks    mine in the area. Even so, the    visit Number 21. The house has been
        that, when heated, magically       scale of the operation is         maintained with its entirely original
        yielded a substance that solidified   astounding. Remember as you    Victorian and very English
        into a useful, malleable, material.   gaze into the depths from the   furnishings. The brass bound double
        Perhaps that is one reason why the                                   bed must be worth a fortune.
                                           viewing station that originally a hill

           Altogether a visit to Rio Tinto in the province of Huelva is an unforgettable and educational day.
                   The museum, from which you purchase tickets for all the sites is open every day
                                       from 10.30am to 3 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm.
                         Check opening times and prices on

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