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Butterflies mainly fly during the   display. It is here that visitors can
        day, have a drum-shaped antenna,   watch the butterflies and moths
        a slim body and when landed fold   emerge. Each species has its
        their wings vertically over the   season, so there is something to
        body. Moths fly at night, have more   see all year round.
        muted colours for camouflage      Running through the park is a
        since they sleep during the day,   stream that emerges from on high
        have feathery antennae and thick,   over a waterfall. A pond contains
        hairy bodies for warmth. When     Koi Carp, some of them are quite
        landed the moth’s wings extend    large and may well have included
        and fold over the body to reveal   unwary butterflies in their diets.
        the pattern on the upper wings. All   One creature that preys on moths
        these facts and more can be learnt   and other insects is the
        at the Butterfly Park in          Chameleon, which is why he is
        Benalmádena where over a          kept in a cage rather than let loose
        thousand butterflies flit from flower   to hunt. Of no threat to the other
        to leaf and occasionally, shoulder.  inhabitants, including humans, are
        The outside of the Butterfly Park   the iguanas that drape themselves
        resembles a Thai temple and       indolently wherever they fancy, the
        inside is a semi-tropical jungle.   tortoises, a few finches and parrots
        Lush vegetation with colourful    and surprisingly, a wallaby.
        flowers, shrubs and orchids,      Over 500 butterfly and moth
        provide the structures for the    species have been collected from
        moths and butterflies. The plants   all over the world, Asia, the
        have been chosen to host the      Americas, Europe and Oceania
        many species and provide shelter   and include the largest moth in the
        for the eggs, food for the        world, the snakes head moth.
        caterpillars, fixing for the chrysalis
        and a perch for the newly emerged  The snakes head moth is a
        butterfly whilst it dries its wings. In   nocturnal moth that perches and
        addition to host plants, some of   sleeps during the day;
        the plantings are purely          conveniently on a bush adjacent to
        ornamental, and some of them are   the path that winds its way through
        for the nectar-producing flowers   the jungle. To protect itself from
        that feed the butterflies. Staff   predators while asleep it spreads
        regularly sift through the plants   its wings and then resembles, you
        and remove the chrysalises to a   guessed it, a snake, well two
        purpose built rack that is on     actually, one on each wing.
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