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old Hisham II was named as   but no mention of it at the
 Caliph. He is also said to have   “a dazzling series   museum at Madina al-Zahra.
 destroyed Al-Hakam’s collection   The staff at the Córdoba
 or library of ‘ancient science’   of palaces full of   museum were asked if they
 books. Two years later Hisham’s   could expand on the single
 mother who was regent,   treasures never seen   mention of the name. The
 appointed Abi Aamir to the   consensus seemed to be
 position of Hajib, equivalent to a   before”  that a spelling mistake
 Vizier or Chancellor.  hundreds of years ago
 To consolidate his power Abi   sparked off a rumour that
 Aamir is said to have built a   grew into a myth that
 palace between 978 and 981 to   developed into a fact. A minority seemed to think that
 rival that of Madina al-Zahra. Confusingly he is said to   the second city was built and that it then became the   Bespoke: Curtains, Blinds, Rollers
 have called it Madinat al-Zahira. Its location is not   seat of government, thus explaining the sudden
 known. Some say it was opposite Madina al-Zahra to   abandonment of Madina al-Zahra around 980.  Romans and Venetians
 the west of Córdoba, some that it was on the eastern   There are a few references in history books written
 side of Córdoba. Ancient texts claim that Abi Aamir   much later after the event, but they could equally have   Made
 kept the young Hisham a virtual prisoner in his gilded   been describing Madina al-Zahra or slavishly repeating
 palace effectively ruling Al Andalus in his place. This   previous mentions. The confusion between the two    to
 undiscovered city is supposed to have been razed at   names continues. Even Wikipedia cross-references   FREE
 the same time as Madinat al-Zahra.  both spellings, and other travel writers and historians   consultation
 There is a reference to this second city, Madinat   have felt free to use either one, adding to the   Measure  and
 al-Zahira, in the archaeological museum at Córdoba   confusion and mystery.                    measuring


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