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 The Alameda Gardens

 The Alameda Gardens were established in 1816 by the
 Commander Lieutenant Governor Sir George Don to
 provide the public with a place of relaxation.
 The gardens are laid out with interconnecting paths,
 water features and terraced beds formed from the local
 Jurassic limestone. At path junctions and other strategic
 places, you will find guns and artillery, commemorating
 Gibraltar’s military heritage. At the entrance are two of the
 four Russian cannon given to Gibraltar by Britain, for
 Gibraltar’s help during the Crimean War, in 1858.
 In pride of place, atop a limestone column as you enter
 the gardens from the Alameda car park, is a bust of
 George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield, PC, KB. In
 1777, Lieutenant-General Eliott was appointed Governor of
 Gibraltar and was promoted to full General in 1778. The
 following year Gibraltar was besieged by Spanish and
 French troops. The siege lasted until 1783 when the   promotion to Field Marshal. Following the battle many
 French and Spanish admitted defeat. Eliott was credited,   British soldiers looted the French baggage train of over
 quite rightly, with holding the British forces together and   one million pounds worth of booty, well over one hundred
 maintaining morale and his leadership qualities in actions   million pounds today, causing Wellington to write his
 such as the ‘defeat of the floating batteries’. He was   famous line, “We have in the service the scum of the earth
 invested as a Knight of the Bath immediately after what   as common soldiers”.  He later, famously, defeated
 became known as ‘The Great Siege’.  Napoleon at Waterloo. After his military career, Wellington
 Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, KG, GCB, GCH,   went into politics and was Prime Minister from 1828 to
         1830. In 1834 William IV dismissed the Whigs by a political
 PC, FRS is also honoured. His bust looks west over the   coup, summoning the duke to form a ministry, but the
 Naval Dockyard. Wellington was instrumental in throwing   65-year-old duke replied that Peel must be prime minister.
 the French out of Spain during the Peninsular War. His   He was nominally Prime Minister for a little under one
 actions during the Battle of Vitoria in 1813 where he   month making this the shortest prime ministership in Great
 commanded a combined Spanish, Portuguese and British   Britain. Most quiz masters do not recognise Wellington and
 forces against the French army led by Joseph Bonaparte   nominate George Canning as the shortest serving Prime
 and Marshal Jean-Baptiste Jourdan earned him his
         Minister, April to August 1827.
         Visitors may wonder at the statue of Molly Bloom and her
         association with Gibraltar. Molly was a fictional character in
         James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’. Gibraltar is one of the Pillars of
         Hercules to which Odysseus (Roman Ulysses), sailed. The
         1922 novel is about a very dreary, dull, post-war Dublin. In
         the last pages of the book Molly gives a breathless
         soliloquy, recalling her days in Gibraltar, ‘the sea crimson
         sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the fig
         trees in the Alameda gardens… and the rose gardens and
         the jessamine [sic] and geraniums and cactuses…”, giving
         a hopeful splash of colour and hope of a brighter future.
         In the mid-19th Century, the Italian Giuseppe Codali
         designed ‘The Dell’, an Italianate style garden that is best
         viewed from the wisteria covered bridge above. The Dell is
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