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Maroma Press:

        specialising in Andalucía

        After having several books published, journalist

        and author David Baird decided it was time to
        go into the publishing business himself. Thus,

        was born Maroma Press, specialising in themes

        relating to southern Spain.

        That name comes from La Maroma, at 2,068 metres the highest peak
        in Málaga province — and probably the closest thing to a holy
        mountain in these parts. Quite a few malagueños dream of hiking to                                                   Once outlaws roamed the Málaga mountains. And    Don’t Miss The
        the top at least once in their lifetimes. Some make a point of sleeping                                              more recently a guerrilla movement hid out here.   Fiesta! tells of dark
        there at the summer solstice to see the dawn, this year on Friday,                                                   Learn more about it in Between Two Fires —       goings-on in an
        June 21 .                                                                                                            Guerrilla war in the Spanish sierras, a poignant   outwardly placid
        Their feelings are reflected in a plaque at the summit which records:                                                account of how this area suffered a brutal conflict   village in the Sierras.
        “Here and now ends an ascent                                                                                         for years after the Spanish Civil War, ignored by   Beneath the tranquil
        Here and now begins another.                                                                                         the rest of Europe. Historian Paul Preston says: “A   surface of a remote
                                                                                                                                                                              Spanish village lurk
                                                                                                                             tragic yet heroic story. This superbly written book
        This mountain is the centre of the world.                                                                            could not be more timely. As exciting as any     ancient feuds.
        This mountain unites land and sky.                                                                                   thriller, yet deeply moving.”                    Fleeing from his
        This mountain like any mountain is a sacred place.                                                                   The Spanish edition is titled La Gente de la Sierra   scandalous past, an
        That’s why you are here…”                                                                                            - Lucha sin cuartel contra las fuerzas franquistas.  expatriate
                                                                                                                                                                              seeks peace and
        You can find out more about it and the surrounding area in the first                                                 When David and his wife first took up residence in   security there — only
        English guide to this region: Maroma Press’s East of Málaga - Your                                                   Málaga province, in the 1970s, their village     to be caught up in a
        guide to the Axarquía and Costa Tropical. It is an essential guide to                                                appeared frozen in time, hardly changed since    whirlwind of primitive
        the Axarquia and Costa Tropical.  Meticulously researched, this is the                                               before the Civil War. Thus, they had a front-row   passions, leading to
        first English guide to one of the most attractive corners of southern                                                seat as the maelstrom of “progress” hit the Costa.  a chilling climax.
        Spain. It offers a wealth of information on local history, rich traditions                                           That inspired David’s non-fiction book Sunny Side   In contrast, Typhoon
        and memorable sights as well as advice on what to eat and where to                                                   Up — The 21st Century hits a Spanish village. It   Season is a fast-
        stay                                                                                                                 describes the dramatic change, offering an often   paced thriller set in Hong Kong, where David Baird worked
                                                                                                                             humorous, sometimes tragic, view of life behind
        Authors Profile - David Baird                                                                                        the white walls of Andalusia. It vividly depicts how   for several years as a journalist. In the last days of empire,
        Born in Shropshire, David Baird worked for publications around the                                                   the storm of progress collides head-on with a    murderous forces are at work in the British colony. A body
                                                                                                                                                                              found floating in the South China Sea, a missing heroin
        world, from Britain and Australia to Hong Kong and Canada, before                                                    near-mediaeval way of life. Several Spanish      stash, a doomed love affair, corruption in high places.
        basing himself in Spain. As a foreign correspondent, he has                                                          schools have selected this book as a learning aid   Events hurtle towards an explosive climax.
        contributed articles to The Economist, The Guardian, the New York                                                    for language students.
        Times, Maclean’s Magazine, and many other publications.                                                              Maroma Press has published two books of fiction.
        His non-fiction books include Between Two Fires, a poignant account
        of the impact of the guerrilla war which raged in southern Spain in                                                                                  David Baird’s books are available from English-language bookshops in
        the 1940s. It won praise from historians Ian Gibson and Paul Preston.                                                                                Spain or direct from the publishers, Maroma Press or via Amazon.
        His humorous account of life in an Andalusian village, Sunny Side Up                                                                                 W:     E:
        - The 21st Century hits a Spanish village, was selected for study in
        Granada and Málaga schools.
        He has also written several guidebooks and two works of fiction. He                                                       Featured                        On the BOOKSHELF
        has twice been awarded Spain’s national prize for non-Spanish travel
        writers.                                                                                                                       Author                For your books to be featured in our magazine and on the

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