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          Sleeping is a lot harder than it used to be.
          There are countless distractions and a lot going on in the world right now, enough that
          sleeping can feel pretty much impossible sometimes. Luckily, the technology that surrounds
          and distracts us also gives us plentiful tools to help ease ourselves into the land of zzzzzz’s.
          Your daily night’s rest is broken up into several sleep cycles. Research shows that repeatedly
          missing sleep or keeping an inconsistent sleep schedule can affect your overall rest.
          There are so many sleep apps that promise to help you fall (and stay) asleep that it can be
          hard to figure out which ones are worth a try, here are a four apps that will hopefully help you
          get a good night’s sleep.

          Sweet dreams

           Sleep Cycle                                Pzizz                                 Calm                                     Headspace

                                                                                                                                 Headspace has made a name for
        Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep and    Pzizz will lull you to sleep with some   Calm lets you enjoy a wide range of        itself as a meditation app, but it’s
        wakes you up when you’re least       really soothing music that fades out   meditation tutorials, mixing in the          also great for sleep. The free version
        dazed. It is a nice twist on the     over time, the app looks incredible;   sounds of nature to add ambiance             has “sleepcasts,” which are 45-55
        standard alarm clock. Using your     its appearance alone is calming! As   and soothe your mind before sleep.            minute-long audio experiences that
        microphone, it tracks your sleep     for the music, think of a gently     You can set up programs over time              help you visualize calming
        patterns and wakes you in the        soothing, movie-style soundtrack     to ease you into zen. The app turns            experiences, like a slow moving train
        lightest phase of sleep so you’re not   that you set to fade out after an hour   your phone into a giant portrait of a   or a walk through a garden. There
        groggy. You set a window during      or so to help wind you down before   scenic landscape. Something about              are new stories every night, so you
        which to be woken (eg, between 7     you go to bed. It also offers narration   the mix of nature sounds and music        you’ll never get bored. If you
        and 7:30 a.m.), and it figures the best   in both male and female voices, but   can put you in a place of peace.         upgrade to the paid version, you’ll
        time to pull you out of your slumber.   if you find that creepy (which you   Sleep Stories section has bedtime           get access to more than forty
        It even lets you tap your phone twice   may), you can shut it off. It also lets   stories read aloud by people with      themed meditation courses for sleep
        to snooze. Just keep in mind that no   you use its music in bursts as a   soothing voices, including celebrities         and stress, plus many more
        sleep tracker is 100 percent accurate   “focus” setting. You’ll need to   like Matthew McConaughey. Only a               sleepcast and music options to help
        so if you’re really struggling with   upgrade for more advanced           few stories are included for free, but         you wind down. If you’re the kind of
        your sleep, you may need to see a    features, like the ability to choose   getting a subscription unlocks a             person whose mind races before
        dedicated sleep specialist.          different sounds, but the app offers   huge library of meditations made             you hit the sack, this app is for you.
                                             a seven-day free trial.              specifically for sleep.

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