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Sport Fishing

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           Dolphin Sightings

              Gibraltar Trips

                Sunset Tours

            Fishing with Isabella II

 in other aggressors against the church, they
 were either released or sentenced to a prison
 penalty. If they would not recognise their
 heresy or indict others, the accused were   Estepona is one of the most favoured ports from which to fish
 introduced in a large ceremony before they   the Mediterranean Sea. Only 40 kilometres from the Strait of   Sailing daily from
 were publicly killed, many by burning, or   Gibraltar, the stream of cold water constantly flowing in from the
 sentenced to life imprisionment. The Spanish                               Estepona Port
 Inquisition’s reign of terror was finally   Atlantic Ocean follows the Spanish Coast. The cold water meets
 suppressed in 1834.  the warm waters of the Mediterranean just offshore creating a   (trips all year round weather permitting)
 For a more tranquil experience, there is the   feeding ground for a great variety of fish, the smaller bait fish
 Casa Museo Arte Sobre Piel. Córdoba is   attract the larger game fish.  Caught during February
 famous for its leatherwork, in particular, the   Fishing the Med is an unpredictable pastime. Fish that are
 technique known as guadameci, intricate
 embossed designs with gold, silver and   supposed to be ‘in season’ vanish and fish that are ‘out of
 coloured paint. The leather, alumed hair   season’ suddenly appear. As Tommy says, ‘You never know   Conger Eel
 sheepskin, was uniquely soft, and white. This   precisely what you will catch from day to day’. An experienced   Congrio
 was then dyed a beautiful red colour using   skipper, like Tommy, will know what is likely to be about on any
 madder, producing the unique red leather of                                       Gilt Head Bream
 Córdoba. The practice, introduced in the 10th   day.                                  Dorada
 century, died out after 1610 when the   Whether it is trolling, bottom or family fishing for fun and dolphin   Mackerel
 practitioners of the art, the Moriscos, were   spotting, Tommy and crew will make sure you have a great   Caballa
 expelled from Spain. Modern craftsmen are   became the favourite residence of Isabella I of Castile and   experience on Isabella II.
 re-introducing the craft, and their work is   Ferdinand II of Aragon after the reconquest in 1492.
 displayed in the museum.  To round off your visit to Córdoba, you could partake of the
 Between the river and the Mezquita is a   Arab baths. There are a few such establishments in the old part   Welcome on Board for a Great Day Out
 rather sombre looking ensemble of buildings.   the city, some retaining use of the original structure. You will be
 This is the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.   plied with mint tea while you languish in the warm bath.
 The uninspired exterior hides a splendid   Fragrant candles illuminate the cold and hot bathrooms, and
 interior. Built on the orders of Alfonso XI of   sumptuous oils will be massaged into your body by   +34 722 590 257
 Castile in 1328, the fortress contains   experienced masseurs. It is just a small taste of how a minority
 magnificent gardens and courtyards. The   of the population lived in luxury in this noble city.  +44 7922 710881
 Alcázar of Córdoba is so beautiful that it

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