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Slow Roast Lamb  Patatas de Pobre

 on a Bed of Potatoes, Onions & Tomatoes  A Satisfying Traditional Spanish Dish

 The secret of this recipe is to cover the casserole dish tightly with the foil and be patient. The wine   suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
 provides the moisture needed to produce meltingly succulent lamb that almost falls off the bone.
        I am sure purists would say that this is not the correct method, or the right ingredients, but it does seem
        that there are lots of variants and we are all for full flavour.
 4: garlic cloves, crushed  Q   Preheat oven to 160°C. Combine garlic, thyme, and 2 tablespoons   6: medium potatoes - must be firm and   Q   Peel and then slice the potatoes into reasonably chunky
 2: tablespoons fresh thyme leaves  salt in a small bowl. Using your fingertips, rub mixture until it   waxy potatoes, not the floury type  slices.  To give them extra flavour, bring a pan of vegetable
 resembles wet sand (larger pieces of garlic will remain); set aside.
                                                             stock to the boil and then plunge in the potatoes briefly just
 2: tablespoons salt  Crush bay leaves.  Vegetable stock cube  to give them a bit of the stock flavour. Once the potatoes just
                                                             start to soften at the edges, about 5 minutes, drain them and
 4: fresh bay leaves  Q   Combine half the potatoes with 1 tablespoon oil and 1 crushed bay   Olive oil for cooking  set them to one side. Do not boil them until they are cooked!
 leaf in a large roasting pan; season with salt and pepper and toss
 , divided  to coat. Spread out the potatoes in a single layer.  2: Padron peppers, finely sliced  Q   In a large frying pan, heat a good quantity of olive oil; you
 Q   Place the lamb on top of the potatoes and rub with the garlic   want around 1cm of depth of oil in the pan.  When the oil
 1.5kg: Spanish White potatoes peeled, cut   mixture. Layer tomatoes, onions, remaining 3 crushed bay leaves,   2: medium onions finely chopped  is hot, gently add the potato slices and then coat them
 into 1/2cm slices, divided  and remaining potatoes around and up sides of lamb, seasoning   3: cloves of garlic, peeled  thoroughly in the oil.  Add the padron pepper, optional red
                                                             pepper, onions and garlic and cook over a gentle heat until
 7: tablespoons olive oil, divided  with salt and pepper and drizzling with remaining 6 tablespoons oil   Salt and pepper  all the potatoes are almost falling apart and some onions are
 as you go (the lamb will be nearly covered). Add wine to pan; cover
 Freshly ground black pepper  tightly with foil.             turning brown: around 15 minutes or so. Add salt and pepper
                                                             to taste. Only stir sparingly or you will end up with potato
 Q   Roast until lamb is very tender, 3 - 4 hours. Remove foil and   mush and peppers.
 1.5 to 2kg: bone-in leg of lamb  increase oven temperature to 200°C. Roast, turning lamb halfway   Optional
 1 kg: tomatoes, cut into thin slices  through, until lamb is golden, 20-25 minutes longer. Let rest in   1: red pepper  Q   This is the traditional, basic, Patatas de Pobre. You can eat it
                                                             as it is.
 roasting pan for 15-20 minutes.
 2: medium onions, cut into thin slices  Q   Pull meat from bones in large chunks; discard bones and fat.   1: tsp ground cumin  To add a burst of flavour
 400ml: dry white wine  Place meat and vegetables on a platter. Skim fat from surface of   1/2 tsp: smoked paprika  Q   In a small bowl mix together the paprika, cumin, vinegar and
 cooking juices in pan. Spoon some cooking juices over lamb and
 vegetables and serve remainder alongside.                   water.  Once the potatoes, pepper and onion have cooked,
        2: tbsp wine vinegar                                 add the vinegar and spice mix and stir gently but thoroughly
        3: tbsp water                                        and then leave to cook for a short time more until the
                                                             vinegar mix has been absorbed.
        Chopped parsley to garnish

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