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Herbs & Vegetables  into its separate cloves and plant them ten cms apart

        with the tip of the clove just showing. The bulbs will
        be ready in the autumn. They will not be as large as
        autumn sown garlic but will be perfectly acceptable.
 The Finishing Touches  Split a few bulbs straight away and plant the cloves.
        You will now be in the garlic growing cycle. Just
        picked garlic is wonderfully soft and juicy. The juice is
 Over the previous months we have planted the shrubby herbs and the perennials. These   slightly sticky, with a robust yet sweet garlic flavour.
 give structure to the herb garden. This month we finish the job with the annual herbs. You   Dry bulbs in the sun until the stem is withered and
 can look forward to fresh herbs from Spring onwards.  then string them together. If kept in a dry, dark, cool
 If you have been following the plan over the last two months, you   place they will keep until your next crop is ready.
        Check periodically that the bulbs are still firm. Discard
 should now have a good framework for the herb garden with your   any that go soft.
 permanent shrubby herbs and the perennials established. Hopefully,
 you have some pockets of ground left to sow the annual herbs. All can   Coriander is a member of the carrot family, essential
        in many Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian
 be grown from seed sown directly into the soil.
 A guide to   All do best in well prepared, composted, well-drained, soil. Keep the soil   dishes. Sow the seeds   is the taste of
        thickly, as you would
        grass, and keep moist.  "Italian basil
 damp until the seedlings are well established.
 sowing &
        Sow in succession every
 Parsley is everyones favourite herb. It will thrive for two years or longer
        month until June for a
 but is often treated as an annual. Some gardeners maintain that the
 flavour is best in the first year. There are two types of parsley, flat leafed
        September. Get more
 and curly. Some say that flat leaf is tastier than curly but then curly is
        value from your
 more decorative on the plate. Grow both and decide which you prefer.
        coriander by using the
 Italian basil is the taste of summer. Slightly anise in flavour, it goes well   supply from May to   summer"
        finely chopped stalks in
 with tomatoes, salads and in pesto. Italian basil is the broad-leafed kind.   cooking and the leaves in salads and as a garnish.
 Greek basil has a similar taste but has small leaves. Basil originated in
 Africa and came to the Mediterranean via the Middle East and Asia. It   In the right ground, Dill will grow to one metre in
 likes it hot so sow in full sun towards the end of March and keep the   height. It has attractive, feathery, foliage, very similar
 roots moist. Other types, such as Thai or Asian basil, have a more   to fennel to which it is related. The slightly tangy
 clove-like taste, small leaves, and are suitable for all Asian recipes.  leaves and stem are good with tomatoes, potatoes,
        fish and eggs. Dill will self-seed so, with an annual
 Where would we be without garlic? Ideally, garlic cloves are planted in   top dressing of compost, will look after itself.
 the autumn. They develop a strong root system over the winter that then
 supports the rapid leaf growth needed to form large bulbs. Cultivated   Finally, Borage, but only if you have the space. This
 Sponsored   If your business would like to sponsor our Gardening Page   taste like cucumber, but its main value is its
        is another herb that will self-seed. The hairy leaves
 bulbs are available in the autumn from garden centres. In spring though
 you will have to buy untreated bulbs from a market stall. Split the bulb
        decorative, edible, flowers that are loved by bees
        (and chickens) and its efficacy as an accelerator on
        the compost heap.
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