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Mediterranean Fishing in April 2019

By Isabella II | 26 Jul 2019
Conger eel Sea bream

Although we have not had much rain at all during March, the weather has been typically Mediterranean unpredictable with high winds from both east and west, causing a choppy swell, interspersed with days of relatively calm weather when the fishing conditions were good. April looks to be shaping up the same way. The forecast this weekend looks like sunshine and below 10 knot winds. Should be good for fishing.

Sea Bream and Conger are being caught at the moment.

Sea Bream, Dorada in Spanish, is a common term used to describe a number of species of round, deep bodied, white fish that includes Gilthead Bream. They are mainly found in the Mediterranean, but global warming has allowed them to expand their range north. They are now sometimes found in the English Channel. They grow up to 60 cms in length and make excellent eating.

Conger eels, Congrio in Spanish, are one of the largest types of eels in the world and can be found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They are bottom-dwellers and live at depths of up to 1,000 metres. The most massive conger eel, the European conger, can grow to be three metres long. Imagine catching one that size from Isabella II.

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