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Turiestepona Vacaciones S.L. in Estepona , Málaga province

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Fine Italian cuisine lovingly presented situated in the port of Estepona, when entering the port turn left and the restaurant is on the top level.

With over 10,000 restaurants in Rome to choose from, enticing customers into yours, in Rome, is a challenge for any restaurateur. For more than thirty decades, Maurizio, together with his father and three brothers served Italian dishes too the world’s most demanding diners, at their restaurant Italia Roma, situated within a stone’s throw of the Colosseum.

Two years ago, Maurizio decided to settle in Estepona to give us traditional, home cooked, Italian cuisine. As Maurizio says, ‘You English think Italian is just pasta and pizza. No, no, no, we have recipes for meat, fish, and vegetables bellissimo’, waving his arms to emphasise the point.

Maurizio takes his enthusiasm to the kitchen where he prepares his dough that becomes bread, and yes, the inevitable, excellent, homemade, pasta, and some deserts. The aroma of hot dough is mouth-watering. On the stove bubble the sauces that accompany many Italian dishes. The distinctive bouquet of the deep red, intense sauce made from fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic, Sugo al Pomodoro, wafts through the restaurant.

I asked Maurizio what his favourite dish was, expecting some exotic concoction. I was surprised at his reply, ‘Pasta Amatriciana’ he replied with no hesitation, ‘molto buono’. You can take the Italian out of pasta but not the pasta out of an Italian.

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Av. luis Braille, Puerto Deportivo de Estepona, Estepona, Málaga, 29680
tel: +34 951 901 112
mob: +34 604 246 726