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Tivoli World

in Benalmadena Municipality in Málaga Province, Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 24 Jan 2018
Nice and safe Wild West Show English Pub Tivoli World Roundabout safe for parents Not good for parents (Fourth from left is really enjoying the moment) Passage of Terror

With fifty rides ranging from a danger level of low, therefore suitable for adults, through middle to high, at which point adults must be accompanied by a child, Tivoli World has something for everybody.

Tivoli World opens in the evenings, 5.30pm to 1.30am during the summer months, July and August and is a family evening out. The pricing structure has been designed to make it affordable. A small entrance fee takes you into the amusement park – 7.95 Euros for 2016, pensioners not fearing heart attacks go free as do kids under 1 metre in height.

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All the shows are included. These occur about every half hour from 7.30pm onwards at various locations and range from a rendering of ‘The Little Mermaid’ that hold the very young entranced to a slightly risqué ‘Wild West Show’. This ticket is ideal for parents who are happy to let their children off the leash for a couple of hours. For the basic entrance fee you can also wander round the gardens and take advantage of the reasonably priced cafes and restaurants.

These range from an English style Pub with attached eating-house to an American steak house barbeque, Spanish venta style to a Chinese restaurant located in a huge pagoda that towers over the park.

A super ticket at 14.95 Euros takes you on 37 of the rides as often as you dare. On top of that a Combu ticket at 9.95 Euros gets you into 3 high prices attractions such as the Go Karts and House of Terror or you can buy individual tickets for 3 Euros each.

Now, parents take note: twenty-six of the rides insist on an adult accompanying the child, including that huge great 60 metre high tower up which you are winched whilst strapped helplessly in a plastic chair along with about fifty other unfortunates. At the top they let it drop, the only thing between you and a very flat death appears to be a thick wire and a counter weight. This is possibly the fastest few Euros you will ever spend.


One attraction you must try is the enigmatically named Barco Misterioso, a Mississippi showboat moored on an artificial lake near the pagoda. It will make you smile and, a promise, is not in the least bit scary. Unlike the Passage of Terror that is. I wonder what he thinks he is doing with that pole?

All the attractions and rides are well spaced out with attractive gardens and wide paths between various sections with the odd peacock wandering around. There are lots of benches scattered about to cater for exhausted parents. It is worth picking up one of the free maps for each person so that you can pre-arrange meeting points and times. Most people seem to use Plaza Andalucia for this purpose.

Tivoli World is probably unique. It cannot be compared to Disney World or Alton Towers or similar attractions. The atmosphere is one of naïve, simple fun. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves; you will never see as many smiles in one square kilometre. Apart that is from the father who has obviously promised his sibling an accompanied ride on that monstrous tower. An excited child who is oblivious to his father’s notion that he is being dragged to his own execution is pulling him along. It doesn’t look that high from the entrance.

To get here take the A7 to Benalmadena and leave at junction 222. From there it is well signposted.

Check the website for opening times outside the summer season and latest prices.

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