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Isla Magica in Seville City Municipality in Seville Province Andalucia

By Nick Nutter | 24 Jan 2018
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Only 2 hours away from the Costa del Sol, on the Isla Cartuja just north west of Seville city centre is the Spanish equivalent of Disneyland, Isla Magica. Seven themed areas, Puerto de Indias, Puerta de America, La Guarida de los Pirates, El Dorado, Aqua Magica, Amazonia and La Fuente de la Juventud surround a lake. The themes cheerfully and unashamedly celebrate Spain’s 16th century adventures in the Americas. It is without doubt a fun day out.

For those brave enough there are white knuckle rides such as El Jaguar rollercoaster with its 360 degree loop or El Desafio that transports you to a height of over 80 metres where you can enjoy magic views of the city for all of half a second before the car free falls 70 metres. You can hear the screams before you even reach the park.

The Spanish exploration theme continues into the night with shows like ‘Indigenas contra Alienigenas’ (Indigenous people versus Foreigners), not quite what you may imagine thankfully, perhaps it loses, or gains, something in the translation. The 3D light effects are spectacular.

Spectaculars are staged throughout the day and you can visit a cinema that features tilting seats and a huge screen that allows you to re-live an explorers adventures.

Younger children are particularly well catered for with a mini beach with artificial waves in the Aqua Magica area, bumper cars, slides, merry go rounds, a family big dipper and more. There are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to help restore frazzled nerves.

Isla Magica is only open from April to October, days and hours depend on the month so make sure you check on their web site for opening times.

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