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Calpe Conference in Gibraltar

Thu 19 Sep 2019 - Sat 21 Sep 2019

By Nick Nutter | 2 Jul 2019
Chefchaouen the blue city, Morocco

Archaeology and Heritage of Gibraltar in the Context of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa

The Calpe Conference is an international academic conference organised by the Gibraltar Museum on behalf of HM Government of Gibraltar, and held annualy on the Rock. The name of the conference refers to the name given to the Rock of Gibraltar in antiquity, Mons Calpe, which was regarded as one of the Pillars of Hercules in classical times.
Previous conference topics have included, human evolution, heritage, natural history and conservation.

This year a dazzling array of speakers will be explaining the interconnectedness of the Iberian peninsula with its near neighbour, Africa. They will be looking at the people, the history, the geology and the geography from prehistoric times.

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The conference takes place at the University of Gibraltar at Europa Point

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