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Nancy Ruth at Jazz Corner, Seville in Seville City Municipality in Seville Province Andalucia

Sat 17 Nov 2018

By Julie Evans | 5 Nov 2018

An evening of Jazz

Nancy Ruth's latest release "Sangria Jam" is a musical journey recounting her 20 years living and composing music in Spain. Combining her influences of jazz, latin and flamenco, she says: "I write what flows freely… I'm not trying to create a fusion, I just play what I feel. I'm a product of my experience and surroundings" "Nancy Ruth, a powerful and talented singer, combines together jazz, flamenco and Latin rhythms in a natural way, creating a fresh genre that fits into all three idioms." – Los Angeles Jazz Scene

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Date: Saturday, November 17 22:30 hrs Venue: Jazz Corner Sevilla, Calle Rodio 41, Sevilla 41007 Tel 629 82 86 08

For more information, please contact Tickets are 5€ at the door

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