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Boxing Day Charity Swim

held in Manilva, Málaga Province

Wednesday 26 Dec 2018

IV Sabi Spartan Swim

The swim takes place on Monday 26 December in front of the statue in Sabinillas at 1pm. All swimmers are welcome, and if you don’t fancy braving the waves then you can always help by sponsoring someone who is.

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Registration 5 Euros from 12.30pm on the Paseo

Includes a mince pie and mulled wine at Arcos 38 Fathoms Bar after the swim

For more information contact:

Foreign Residents Department
Our office is in the Multiple usage building in Sabinillas.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday
from 10:30 to 14:00
Tel: 952 89 35 48
Mobile: 619 87 46 45

In aid of the Duquesa Charitable Society of St George

Sponsorship forms available from the Sabinillas Bookshop, Fathoms Bar and the St George Charity shop

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