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Cádiz Carnival 2020

in Cádiz Municipality in Cádiz Province, Andalucia, Spain

Thursday 20 Feb 2020 - Sunday 1 Mar 2020

From the 20th of February until the 1st of March, Cádiz bursts to life during its world-famous Carnival. For ten days the city celebrates with parades, music, singing, dance, food, competitions, street shows and, of course, fireworks. Visitors arrive from all over the world for this event, reputed to be the largest in Spain. The first parade, Gran Cabalgato, takes place on the first Sunday of the carnival. Ten thousand people are expected to pack the streets for the procession.

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Cádiz carnival was influenced by the carnival at Venice, with which city Cádiz had much trade during the 16th century and is now considered the premier carnival in Spain. It is a party that officially last ten days but often carries on for up to three weeks. Even before the official start you will find ‘rehearsals’ on various streets with bands practising, bars overflowing onto the footpath, roads closed using impromptu barriers and costumes being tried for size. The Police cheerfully ignore such innocent fun, after all, this is the only carnival in Spain that Franco could not ban.

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Submitted by Alison Jeffreys on 5 Feb 2020
Please could you give details of Cadiz carnival events on Thursday and Friday 20 and 21 February. We travel back to the Uk on 22 February but would like to enjoy early festivities. Gracias

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Hi Alison, The only site I know that has an agenda for 2020 is It all gets very flexible. Enjoy the carnival.

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