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Feria de Ronda 2019

held in Ronda, Málaga Province

Tuesday 3 Sep 2019 - Sunday 8 Sep 2019

During the first week of September, In the mountains of Málaga, the beautiful and picturesque town of Ronda has its annual party known as the Fair of Pedro Romero, who once fought in the stadium in Ronda. The stadium is said to be one of the oldest in Spain, over 200 years old and with a diameter of 66m it is also one of the largest and most beautiful with 136 stone pillars.

The inhabitants of Ronda now have a new style of festivities to enjoy, with greater emphasis on the fair which takes place by day in the centre of the city with lots of parades and everyone is dressed to impress. The parades culminate on Sunday when the horse-drawn carriages compete in a competition and are crafted with incredible details and gilded in golden metal, the finest of wood, gleaming leather, and the most beautifully polished upholstery. The competition for the best carriage is said to be very fierce.

The sound of music also fills the airs since Ronda hosts a number of competitions during this week of celebrations. These include the Flamenco Singing Festival and the International Music and Dancing Festival

If you are in Andalucía during the first week of September then it is definitely worth taking a detour and enjoying this spectacular festival.

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