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Hitchcock, Master Of Suspense

held in Benahavis, Málaga Province

Tuesday 29 Oct 2019

Lecture by John Francis

Owing to the disturbing nature of his films Alfred Hitchcock has gained the title "Master of Darkness". Showing the influence of his upbringing the talk will begin by analysing his London-based dramas such as Dial M for Murder. With his move to Hollywood it will then examine works like Vertigo and Psycho which have been acclaimed as cinematic masterpieces. With over fifty feature films to his credit, many showing ordinary people in situations beyond their control, Hitchcock remains by far the most studied film director of all time.

The Arts Society Benahavis

Benahavis Town Hall 6.30 Prompt. Visitors welcome for 12 Euros including a complimentary glass of wine

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Benhavis Town Hall

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