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Puente Mayorga on the Bay of Gibraltar

in San Roque Municipality in Cádiz Province, Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 13 May 2020
Gibraltar across the Bay Puente Mayorga Carteia Playa Guadarranque Puente Mayorga Bridge Torre de Rocadillo

The first time Puente Mayorga is mentioned is in the archives of San Roque. In 1540 a Turkish fleet raided the district. It is recorded that they destroyed 200 full wineskins and killed 300 pigs. Puente Mayorga is a natural harbour on the north side of the Bay of Gibraltar. It is named after the 18th century bridge over the Rio de los Gallegos and, despite being alongside the industrial complex of San Roque, is still a picturesque place with the Rock of Gibraltar providing a dramatic backdrop.

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Carteia and Torre del Rocadillo

Sandwiched between La Linea de la Concepcion and Los Barrios, Puente Mayorga has a population of about 2000 and, despite its late mention in the history books, dates back to at least Phoenician times. The Carthaginian – Roman ruins of Carteia are just behind the beach alongside the 16th century Torre del Rocadillo.


A small fishing community eke out a livelihood, but the main employers are the oil refinery and the power station at Los Barrios.

Playa de Guadarranque

On summer Sundays the locals head for the 800 metre long beach, Playa de Guadarranque. It is surprisingly clean considering the nearby industry and equipped with showers and a Red Cross station. There are no chiringuitos. Playa Guadarranque’s saving grace is the spectacular view of Gibraltar on the far side of the bay.

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Submitted by Susan Harr on 26 Jul 2020
Does Puente Mayorga have a local council and councillors?

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Hi Susan, No, Puente Mayorga is a village in the San Roque municipality so the Ayuntamiento (Council Office) is at San Roque.

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