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Almería Archeological Museum

in Almería Municipality in Almería Province, Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 4 Feb 2020
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From Neanderthal to El Argar

The museum at Almeria was purpose built in the early 2000s to house the artifacts found at the Los Millares Copper Age Site near Guadix. From such simple beginnings the museum developed into a modern exhibition of the latest theories of evolution. Exhibits graphically trace the history of civilisation in the region from the hunter gatherer Neanderthals, to the appearance of the first modern humans, Cro Magnon Man, into the Neolithic period including the metal ages and the rise of the Los Millarian society and their displacement by the El Argar culture.

The evolution of early trading networks, dating back to before 3500 BC is explored. This is a relatively new academic field within history itself, tracing archaeological finds such as stone implements, pots, metal tools, necklaces and foodstuffs back to their place of origin. The museum at Almeria has taken the opportunity to use new space to interpret the local finds rather than try to find space for this new subject as older museums will have to do in the future.

A fascinating section houses the reference books and note books owned by Luis Sirett who excavated the Los Millares site back in the 1890s. Sirett’s name crops up repeatedly in association with excavations throughout Andalucia in the late 19th century.

The Museum of Almería was awarded a special commendation during the 2008 awards for the best European Museum of the Year.

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The museum is free to enter.

Opening times vary through the year so ring 950 10 04 09

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