Visit Andalucia Post Coronavirus Measures for Recovery

Visit Andalucia Helping Business Recover

Helping Businesses to recover

As we gradually move out of lockdown we are going to experience a new world. The economy will take months to recover. Visitors to the region will be reduced in numbers due to travel restrictions and loss of confidence. Many businesses will be unable to survive, many more will struggle. Many businesses within Andalucia, depend on the money that visitors spend whilst they are here. The Junta de Andalucia is actively promoting 'within Andalucia' tourism, in other words encouraging people who live in Andalucia to appreciate the many opportunities they have and to take advantage of them. Visit Andalucia is designed to do just that.

FREE Advertising for Existing & New Clients

We appreciate that the next few months are going to be tough. We have therefore decided that every existing advertiser shall have 3 months FREE advertising so that any renewals due in April or May 2020 will not fall due until August 2020.

New clients will benefit from 3 months, no obligation, FREE advertising. Businesses that register now will not pay anything until August 2020

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Our Strategy

Our social media strategy has been modified to reflect this changing world. The Visit Andalucia site will be heavily promoted within Andalucia and less so in other regions and countries. As travel restrictions ease we will expand our reach.

In this way we will uphold our guarantee of 60,000 impressions per year per advertiser.

We have made Visit Andalucia more 'Business Centric' to give even more exposure to our advertisers

By the 11th May 2020 we will have in place exciting ways for our advertisers to promote their businesses in a coronavirus free Andalucia.

Promotional Video Courtesy of the Junta de Andalucia

Promotional Video Courtesy of Soy de Almeria

Our Businesses Need You

Please continue to support them when life returns to normal