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Almeria Los Velez Comarca

Los Vélez is the most northerly and most remote of the comarcas in Almeria. The area is dominated by the mountainous Sierra Maria Los Vélez Natural Park. Los Vélez is less arid than other areas of Almeria, the leafy woods of the Sierra make a nice change to the arid Tabernas Desert. Tourism has yet to be fully exploited, most of the towns and villages are untouched and retain a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Los Vélez has been inhabited since Mesolithic times. Those first hunter gatherers left cave and rock shelter paintings in this region. In 1988, 79 separate cave art sites in Andalucia were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. 25 of those sites are in Los Vélez Comarca including Cueva de Los Letreros, where the Indalo stick man, now the symbol of Almeria, was found. In more recent times, the more clement climate encouraged the Spanish nobility to build magnificent houses and palaces in Vélez Rubio and Vélez Blanco. The combination of 17th – 19th century Baroque architecture together with a very symmetrical style and large window grills is recognised as ‘Vélez classical’.

Los Vélez Comarca is an ideal destination for those wanting a ‘get away from it all’ holiday with plenty of outdoor activities, primarily walking and cycling, available. It is also a goldmine for the history buff with an historical legacy going back thousands of years.