go Celebrate Corpus Christi in Granada (25 May to 1 June 2024)
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Celebrate Corpus Christi in Granada (25 May to 1 June 2024)

The Corpus Christi Fair in Granada, Andalucia, is the city's biggest festival. It is less well-known than the Seville April Fair, but it exudes great charm and appeal.

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Every year, Granada bursts into vibrant celebration with its most anticipated event, the Corpus Christi festival. For an entire week, the city transforms into a cultural playground where the streets are alive with a myriad of festivities, including the traditional processions that meander through the historic city.

The heart of the celebration beats strongest in the city centre and extends to the fairgrounds in the north, near the bus station, where massive tents, or 'casetas', host exuberant parties. Draped in flamenco outfits and adorned with festive decorations, Granada during Corpus Christi is a spectacle of joy and tradition, creating an atmosphere that is simply electrifying.

How to Work Out When Corpus Christi is

The date of Corpus Christi depends on the date of Easter. Add 60 days to Easter Monday. In 2024, Corpus Christi is on Thursday, 30 May 2024.

The Highlight of Corpus Christi in Granada: 2 Traditional Processions

Two major processions usually take place in Granada during Corpus Christi.

The first is the Tarasca (Tarasque), of pagan origin, which takes place on Wednesday morning and marks the beginning of a long school break. It's very popular with children. In this procession, a figure of a woman on a dragon is accompanied by gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big-heads). These characters are key participants of the celebrations, since they represent important people in the history of Granada, such as the Catholic Monarchs.

The second procession takes place on Thursday, Corpus Christi day. This solemn and religious event is a lengthy procession that winds through Granada's historic streets.

In 2024, the Corpus Christi procession in Granada will begin at Granada Cathedral at 10.15am.

Carocas and Quintillas: Traditional Satire

Another facet of the festivities is the traditional satire competition called carocas and quintillas which happens the week before Corpus Christi.

These are cartoons penned by amateur writers that features humourous, satirical takes on national, regional and local happenings in the past year.

The competition is hotly contested and only 20 carocas are publicly exhibited each year. You'll find them in Plaza Bib Rambla from May 11 2024 onwards.

Fairground at Granada

The Corpus Christi celebrations in Granada include a massive fairground that promises fun for all ages.

The set-up in Granada is similar in style to the famous Seville Fair, with casetas (tents), an amusement park with rides, and an area with food and games stalls.

The difference is that the casetas in the Granada Fair are open to the public! Most, if not all, the tents here are free to enter and they welcome visitors to join in, making it a much more open and welcoming atmosphere for travellers wanting a taste of local culture.

Granada's fairground is located at Almanjáyar, near the Granada Bus Station. There will be 6 special city buses routes (Feria 1-6) that connect various parts of the city to the the Almanjáyar Fairground during Corpus Christi 2024.

If you're staying in the Granada city centre, several buses run through Gran Via: F1, F2, and F6. Each bus journey costs €2.

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