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Feria de Pedro Romero

The Pedro Romero FairIt is the most important in the city and takes place in the fairgrounds and in the centre of Ronda

By Nick Nutter | Updated 12 Sep 2022 | Málaga | Events | Login to add to YOUR Favourites or Read Later

September Fair in Ronda (Málaga), is a ubique celebration dedicated to a bullfighter. Parades, entertainment and of course bullfights mark the most important festival in Ronda.


The highlight of the ferua is the traditional Corrida Goyesca, at which the banderillos and picadores dress in Goya costumes of the time.


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  • Suzanne Therrien - 16 Aug 2019
    Is it possible to find a detailed program for the Feria de Pedro Romero activities for 2019 ? Thank you.
    • Nick Nutter - 16 Aug 2019
      Hi Suzanne, There is no itinerary at the moment. The dates given are confirmed by the town hall however the organisers have said the Corrida Goyesca will be on the 31st August. Politicians are trying to get it moved back to the 7th September where it normally appears in the programme. It's quite a story in Ronda, everybody is talking about it, and complaining.
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