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Step by Step - How to Apply for the Padrón

Padrón is an abbreviation of empadrónamiento. It is a list held by individual municipalities of every resident in the municipality

By Nick Nutter | Updated 20 Sep 2022 | Andalucia | Living In Andalucia | Login to add to YOUR Favourites or Read Later

What is the Padrón

Padrón is an abbreviation of empadrónamiento. It is a list held by individual municipalities of every resident in the municipality. The numbers on the padrón determine how much financial support the municipality receives from the central government for services such as health services, street lighting, policing and so on.


Who should be on the padrón

Officially all residents in Spain should be on the padrón so if you live in Spain permanently or for over 180 days in the year, you should be registered on the empadrónamiento.


What are the benefits of registering on the padrón

The main benefits of being on the empadrónamiento are:
- Access to public services and discounts
- Access to income-related benefits, health care and social care
- Right to vote in local elections

There are many occasions when you will be asked for a copy of your padrón certificate, these are some of the more common ones:
- when applying for a TIE card
- when registering at a health centre
- when enrolling in Spanish schools and colleges
- when registering a vehicle with Spanish number plates
- when exchange your driving licence for a Spanish licence


How long does the padrón last

The registration lasts for between 2 and 5 years depending on your residency status. In theory the town hall should contact you periodically in order to confirm that you still live in the municipality.

The padrón certificate is only valid for up to 3 months so, if you are for example, applying for your TIE card, you must have a padrón certificate less than 3 months old.

Where do I go to be put on the padrón

You must go to the town hall in the municipality of your primary residence (if you have more than one residence in Spain).


Where do I go to receive a padrón certificate

You can visit your local town hall to receive a new certificate every time you need one. Some municipalities are now implementing an on line system that allows people with a digital certificate to download and print off a certificate.

What do I need in order to apply to be put on the empadrónamiento?

You will need:
- Proof or your address, nota simple or title deeds (if you are the owner), or rental agreement.
- Your NIE certificate
- Your passport
- Some municipalities also require a utility bill

How much does the padrón cost?

Each municipality is autonomous so can decide to charge you for the padrón certificate. Some municipalities do not charge at all, some charge 1 Euro, some charge 3 Euros.

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  • Dolores De Battista - 18 Nov 2022
    wher is the application form to fill in
    • Nick Nutter - 19 Nov 2022
      Hi Dolores, you have to go to your ayuntamiento. They supply the application form.
  • Naeem akhtar - 30 Aug 2022
    I want padron
    • Nick Nutter - 31 Aug 2022
      Just follow the instructions in the article
  • paul Reynolds - 25 Jan 2022
    excellent and helpful article. Comprehensive and answer the why and how its used not just where to get it. I read many other notes from others in Facebook chat (many are good) but none as comprehensive as this.
    • Nick Nutter - 26 Jan 2022
      Thanks Paul.
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