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La Feria de Abril Seville 1st to 7th May 2022

La Feria de Abril takes place two weeks after Semana Santa and lasts an entire week during which normal life in Seville virtually stops.

By Nick Nutter | Last Updated 2 May 2022 | Seville | Events

La Feria de Abril

The Spring Fair in Seville is probably the largest, most elaborate and most colourful event in the calendar in Andalucia. The event attracts visitors to the city in their thousands. It takes place two weeks after Semana Santa and lasts an entire week during which normal life in the city virtually stops.


Real de la Feria

The event centres around the Real de la Feria, the gigantic fairground just outside the city centre in the Los Remedios neighbourhood. Over 1000 casetas, hospitality tents, are erected by local businesses, notable families, clubs and political parties. Most require an invitation to enter but there are a few that are open to all. The casetas are traditionally green and red striped canvas with more elaborate decorations applied by the host.



Each of the six districts of Seville host a ‘free’ casetas and there is one especially for tourists. Many of the hotels and the tourist information office are supplied with invitations to this caseta. You can expect a bar, music, entertainment and lots of traditional food. The ladies dress in traditional flamenco dresses whilst the gentlemen wear the traditional short jacket and broad rimmed hat.


Showing off the Horses

Many parade around the city and the Real de la Feria on horseback or in elaborately decorated and polished, horse drawn carriages. The feria gets going about noon each day and the celebrations continue until the early hours of the morning. There is a bullfight every day for those so inclined.

Calle del Infierno

Alongside the area set aside for casetas is the fairground. There are the normal rides and attractions suitable for every age.

Street Parties

La Feria de Abril in Seville is a very Spanish fiesta and not confined to the Real de la Feria. Street parties spring up, seemingly at random, and the bars and restaurants in the centre all participate. There are daily processions of carriages and riders through the city. A good place to get into the spirit of the fiesta is the Parque De Marie Luisa and nearby Plaza de Espana.


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