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Travel Guide to Castles of Andalucia

Although the region of Castille, the modern precursor of Castille la Mancha is, rightly, famous for the number of castles within its borders, Andalucia also has its fair share. There are over 270 castles in Andalucia.

The majority of the castles in Andalucia were built by the Muslims and the Christians between the 10th and 15th centuries during the long reconquest. They range in size from the huge and opulent Alhambra Palace at Granada to single watchtowers, most of which were within sight of a hilltop castle dominating a town or village. Many of these castles and towers found themselves on the border between Muslim and Christian lands between the 13th and 15th centuries and gained the suffix ‘de la frontera’ as a result. Many changed hands many times.

Other castles include the coastal defences, built to warn the coastal inhabitants of imminent raids by the Barbary pirates, particularly those commissioned by Carlos III during the 18th century.

Each castle in Andalucia has its tale to tell. Here are our favourites.