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The province of Málaga, Andalucia, Spain

Visitors Guide to Málaga City

Of all the cities in Andalucia, Málaga has to count as one of the most visitor friendly. Since the first years of the 21st century, it has pulled itself up from an industrially depressed city to a vibrant place with no shortage of things to do and places to go. Many visitors today are from the cruise ships that dock in the modern marina, in town for a few hours, barely able to scratch the surface of what the city has to offer. Below the surface, there is enough to see and do to keep anybody int ... Read More

Historical Guide to Málaga City

The Greek geographer, Strabo, makes the first mention of a Greek settlement called Mainake and positioned it in southeast Spain somewhere around 800 BC. During the period 900 to 500 BC the Greeks and Phoenicians were expanding their trading networks. Both seafaring powers first established trade contacts. The Greeks then integrated with the local populace and Emporia, or trading stations, were built. It was possible for Emporia to grow into fully fledged Greek city states. It is unlikely that Ma ... Read More

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