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The province of Málaga, Andalucia, Spain

The province of Malaga has over 160 kilometres of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol. The beaches to the west and east of the province have become popular tourist destinations. But there is far more to Malaga province than high rise hotels and apartments. Just behind the coast the Montes de Malaga and Sierra de las Nieves shelter remote white villages and no less than 15 protected areas, each a haven for flora and fauna, places where you may still see foxes, golden eagles and the rare Spanish Ibex. With a history going back to prehistoric times and a heritage of Roman and Muslim occupiers, a long coastline and wild interiors, it is little surprising that the gastronomy of Malaga Province is as varied as its landscapes. Anchovies, red mullet, mackerel, squid, prawns and clams from the sea, with pork, wild boar, rabbit and kid from the interior accompanied by wines made from the local Muscatel grapes all feature on menus. For those with the energy, the province is known for its activities, from golf to sailing, horse riding to diving, hiking to four wheel drive expeditions, Malaga Province has plenty for everybody.

Málaga - Capital of the Province

The Greek geographer, Strabo, makes the first mention of a Greek settlement called Mainake and positioned it in southeast Spain somewhere around 800 BC. During the period 900 to 500 BC the Greeks and Phoenicians were expanding their trading networks. Both seafaring powers first established trade contacts. The Greeks then integrated with the local populace and Emporia, or trading stations, were built. It was possible for Emporia to grow into fully fledged Greek city states. It is unlikely that Mainake ever achieved full city status but it does have the distinction, according to Strabo, of being the furthest Emporia west from the Greek homelands. There must have been an amount of cooperation between the Greeks and Phoenicians since the latter had many more colonies and both traded with the Tartessians. The history of Mainake is a little blurred, nobody knows exactly where it was, how close to present day Málaga it was, when it was founded or how long it lasted. More....

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